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Jody Kriss

NYC Real Estate Market

Jody Kriss has over two decades of extremely interesting experience in real estate development and investment in NYC.

Jody Kriss co-founded East River Partners, where he plies his trade and tests out all his ideas. He values innovation and creating the best properties for their clients. Since their founding in 2010, East River Partners has focused their developments in the growing “brownstone” neighborhoods of Brooklyn and Manhattan. 

Jody’s experience in NYC real estate has been somewhat unique. Jody Kriss has developed hundreds of thousands of square feet of commercial properties in the northeast. In other aspects of his career, Mr. Kriss successfully litigated before the Supreme Court and NY federal courts.

Jody also has had unbelievable experiences in developing ERP’s condo projects that make reality TV shows look boring. He has negotiated agreements with global business leaders, sold condo units for 10-figure sums and made deals with NYC’s elite billionaire investors as well as its most humble sub-contractors.

The next chapter in Jody Kriss’ career is poised to be the most interesting one so stay tuned for new blog posts and social media updates!